The third amazingly effective solution is called Airnergy Activated Air Therapy and is manufactured in Germany (20,000+ units sold). Click here for the recent news. This technology improves the energetic quality of ambient air, which increases oxygen absorption by the lungs. It has many positive effects on a wide range of respiratory diseases and other health issues. It is very effective for oxygenating the whole body and improving regeneration and metabolic processes, as well as reducing oxidative stress caused by free radicals. This is why many Formula One race car drivers, professional athletes are using it to improve their endurance, concentration, energy level and overall wellbeing. Famous athletes like Jenson Button, Rubens Barichello, Michael Schumacher, Alex Tagliani, as well as the AMG-Mercedes team in DTM racing and Olympic teams from many countries are just a few examples! The health departments of Russia and China have approved it as a therapeutic modality and several prestigious excellence and innovation awards have been attributed to Airnergy therapy in the last 3 years.

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