The 4 Top Therapies for Athletes

Performance - Endurance - Recovery - Accelerated Healing

Naturally, without medications, steroids, or surgery!

No cheating, just energy and activated oxygen:


Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

vita-life is the best PEMF device for athletes since it is equipped with a Heart Rate Variability monitor which adjusts the therapy according to the body's response and shows the results on a LCD screen.

It has recently been chosen by the Chinese Olympic Committee to be included in the training protocol. Many European athletes as well as race car drivers also use the vita-life R-system on a regular basis.

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Plasma Discharge PEMF Therapy

The PAPIMI is a very powerful and effective PEMF device which provide ultra-fast relief of pain and inflammation. It is improving the regenerative process at the cellular level by supplying extra electrons.

The PAPIMI not only saved the leg of the famous Austrian ski champion Hermann Maier after his motorcycle accident, but it also allowed him to win a race in Kitzbühel, Austria, in 2003!

The PAPIMI has been used in Canada for fractures and sport injuries by a nurse on Vancouver Island since 2000.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A HBOT chamber is an easy way to flood every cell in the body with additional oxygen by simply increasing the pressure inside a sealed chamber.

In the USA, more than 400 professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, NASCAR and other sports are already using portable chambers to improve endurance, performance and recovery, among many more benefits. More than 1,000 MDs and 700 chiropractors are using these chambers in their practice everyday.

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Activated Air Therapy

Airnergy is an amazingly effective solution for increasing energy levels.

It helps improve concentration, memory, sleep, endurance and much more.

Formula One and DTM race care drivers as well as many athletes are using Airnergy to stay on the wave.

It can be easily combined with PEMF Therapy.

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The cure for brain injuries and concussions in sports is already available!

If it's good for astronauts, veterans and race horses, it's good for you too!
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