July 10 2014

Premiere Movie presentation of

''The Healing Field '', a documentary tracing the history of Energy Medicine and featuring some of the most effective technologies and devices from Europe, Russia, USA and Canada. Visit the official movie page to read more and watch a preview:

The Return of Tesla Medicine

This article is the movie synopsis which is published in the current issue of the Tesla Magazine. Click here to order a paper copy.

Or click here to download ''The Healing Field movie synopsis'' in PDF .

July 10-13 2014

Teslamania Festival and Exposition in Toronto!

Watch a video presentation by Dr. Magda Havas, the Canadian authority on the dangers and health hazards of EMF radiations:
EMF can harm and can heal using PEMF ( Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy).

Green Medicine Oasis is offering some of the best Energy Medicine devices featured in themovie. Visit this page for the list.


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