Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This simple approach is applied by increasing the pressure inside a sealed chamber in which a person is sitting or lying down. Breathing air or oxygen under pressure forces the gas to go into every cell and liquid in the body, thereby enhancing the body’s healing process.

Please click here for the studies about Cerebral Palsy.

Click here to read the article about Autism published on February 14th, 2013 by Dr. Kenneth Stoller, president of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association.

HBOT has also been proven effective for children affected by Autism, Stroke patients, veterans with TBI and PTSD, Alzheimer‘s and Parkinson's diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer among a long list of “not accepted” (“off-label”) indications.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy:

HBOT is very effective for regenerating the brain of injured veterans, but also children and the elders!

Yada hyperbaric chamber

Yada hyperbaric oxygen chamber made in Quebec

All chambers are equipped with a vita-life R-System and Airnergy inside the chamber, so you receive 3 therapies simultaneously for optimal efficacy and results.



- TeleDive Gas Monitoring System

- Negative Ions: Improve oxygen absorption, provide ultra pure air

Are Mild Hyperbaric Chambers effective? Yes. 1.3 ATA (4.3 PSI) with ambient air is NOT a

Oxygen concentrator (10 liters per minute): Although compressed air at 1.3 ATA is an effective treatment for neurological disorders, an Oxygen concentrator can be safely used in combination with a portable chamber. No explosion or fire ever occured with portable chambers because of 35% concentration in the chamber. Portable chambers are never filled with 100% oxygen but rather constantly supplied with compressed air.

Are they safe to use with mild Hyperbaric Chambers? Yes, perfectly safe.
See this video:
Spark & Flame Burn Test @ 1.29 ATA with added O2

PLEASE NOTE - Oxygen bottles are NOT SAFE to use with portable hyperbaric chambers and are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in our Wellness Centers.

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